M1 Mortar

HBT M1 Mortar is a fire-resistant cement-based mortar that according to the DIN-EN998-1 standard is classified as CS IV mortar. This mortar is designed and sprayed on the surface to provide under-layer strength for applicaon of M2 and M3. This product is offered in 25 kg packages and is applied on the surface aer adding about 5 liters of water. It is not recommended to apply this product at temperatures below 5 ° C, and the curing me of this mortar is at least 3 days.

M2 Mortar

HBT M2 Mortar is fire-resistant perlite and cement-based mortar, that according to DIN-EN998-1 standard this mortar is classified as CS II. Based on DIN 4102-4, this mortar protects metal structures against fire from 30 to 180 minutes. The use of this mortar in various types of concrete structures, as well as cables and ducts, also has validaon and cerficates. This product is supplied in a 20kg packages. Aer adding about 5/6 liters of water, this product is applied with a thickness of at least 10 mm by automacally or manually, once the M1 mortar is applied. It is not recommended to implement this product at a temperature below 5 ° C

M3 Mortar

HBT Fire-resistant M3 Mortar is a cement-based mortar that according to DIN-EN998-1 and DIN-EN998-2 standards is classified as CS IV and M10 mortars. This mortar is used as a fire-protecon for roofs and walls with building materials, frame doors, and openings as well as the final coangs of surfaces. This product is supplied in 25kg packages, is applied aer adding about 5.6 liters of water. Based on the surface, the product is applied either by a machine or by hand. In using the product as the final surface, if the surface cracks due to the water evaporaon of the mortar, it is recommended to apply the HBT ISI Plan coang.