Puyan Pushesh Faranegar (Private Joint-Stock) is a manufacturer of fire protecve spray applied mineral coangs under the license of HBT - Germany.
The company provides its services in accordance with the internaonal standards by exploing the domesc materials, technical know-how and technological potenal of Germany and relying on the supervision of German experts in the design, producon and execuon phases.



Introduction of HBT Company:

HBT has started its acvies in the producon and applicaon of fire protecve coangs in Germany and aerward in other European countries since 2003. As one of the largest manufacturers of Fire-protecon coangs in Germany, the company produces its products in 5 European factories, observing internaonal standards and benefing from the  modern and up to date know-how.

Currently, the company, in cooperaon with Puyan Pushesh Faranegar Co., is engaged in producing its products in Iran.